2000 Volkswagen Manx Dune Buggy transported from NV to CA

by | Sep 13, 2013 | Reviews

Paul Audia recently bought a 2000 Volkswagen Manx Dune Buggy from a private seller in Las Vegas, NV, and needed to get it to his place in Menifee, CA. He’d heard the usual horror stories that abound about auto transport companies, so he was a little nervous about shipping his car. After finding us on the internet and speaking to our dispatch office, his fears were allayed. Our customer service, communication and prompt delivery took care of the rest.

“Well, I was kind of nervous about these companies. I hadn’t shipped cars before but you hear horror stories,” said Paul. “My older brother, he’s since passed away, had a couple of cars shipped. I don’t know who he used, but he had a couple of problems. So, of course, I was a little bit apprehensive about it. My little brother has shipped a lot of cars in the past, too, but he had never used J&S.”

“I found J&S on the internet. I read a little bit about them and what their goals were and the company’s dedication to customer service. Sure, everybody sells that, but J&S seemed more professional, and everything that they said in their website, and the concerns for the other person’s property, convinced me to at least get a quote.”

“The price that J&S quoted me was more than accommodating, it was great. It would’ve cost me more to drive there and back in gas than what they charged to pick up the car and drop it off at my front door.”

“When I called J&S and listened to the dispatcher and his knowledge about the industry, the questions he asked me and what his concerns were about protecting my property, it was really professional. I didn’t let him know that I was nervous. When he was asking me questions about shipping the dune buggy it was about concern for my property.”

“The J&S crew very cordial, very helpful, and very accommodating. They said it would probably be anywhere from 4 to 10 days for J&S to deliver my car. Then, they called me the next day to tell me they were picking it up. They had it here the following day. The timing was incredible, and they dropped it off at the front door. They picked it up from the other guy, no problem. Picked it up in front of his front door and dropped it right off here at my front door. Everything went perfect.”

“The things I liked best about working with J&S were they were prompt. They were on time. They called you back. If they couldn’t answer the phone they called you back real quick. They were right on top of everything.”

“I would 100 percent recommend J&S, because of their professionalism, their care of the person’s property, and their promptness. They called you. They called me and kept me abreast of what we needed to do, what I had to do, and they were very, very informative on every step of the process. I mean, jeez Louise, a few days after I booked the transport they had the thing picked up, and a day after that they had it at my front door and it was immaculate, perfect.”

I would use J&S again in a heartbeat, and I will refer them. On a scale of 1 to 10 they were 15. They did everything they said they’d do, and beyond. The next time I have to ship a car, J&S are the first people I’ll call. They’re the first company I’ll refer people to that need a service like this.

Thanks, Paul. We aim to please.