2003 Ford Econoline cargo van transported from Seattle to Los Angeles

by | Jul 21, 2014 | Reviews

Ron Machon of Minuteman Parking in Seattle needed to get a 2003 Ford Econoline cargo van from Seattle to their corporate HQ in Los Angeles. A less-than-ideal auto transport experience in the past left a bad taste in his mouth, so when they needed to ship this vehicle, Ron sought out different transporters to deliver this vehicle. He found J&S and our customer service and reliability did the rest.

“We had a 2003 Ford Econoline cargo van no we longer needed at the Seattle operations,” says Ron. “They thought we could get better use out of it at our home headquarters in Southern California.”

“I actually did a lot of researching into auto transport companies online, and yours was the only one that had your own fleet. That’s the thing that was most appealing to me.”

“We had shipped a car before, back in 2001, and it was horrible. It was through a broker. We paid, but then the broker asked us for more money and didn’t want to release the vehicle until we paid more. You guys have your own trucks so I decided to go with J&S.”

J&S was very, very well organized. The communication was phenomenal and your speed was superb. I put in the order Thursday; my van was picked up Friday, then shipped and delivered on Sunday. It was so quick and easy, and the timeliness and speed of delivery was great.

“I was impressed by J&S’s quick response; the communication was very, very rapid. Working with Joe in dispatch was great; he pretty much owned my transportation arrangements, and the follow-up at the end was great. It was better than working with anybody else.”

“We don’t ship vehicles for Minuteman Parking corporate that often, maybe once every two years we’ll ship a vehicle back and forth, but I definitely know who to contact now when we need to do so. Keep up the good work guys. Don’t change.”