Vintage 1984 Lincoln Mark VII shipped to CA from ID

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Dave Galli bought a 1984 Lincoln Mark VII from a small dealership in Boise, ID, and needed to have it shipped to him in San Jose, CA. His previous experiences with car shippers were bad, but a personal recommendation from the seller led him to give J&S a shot at delivering his car.

“My previous car shipping experiences were bad, and I think the reason, and the lesson I learned, was that they were brokered. They most likely went to the lowest bidder, and you get what you pay for,” says Dave. “The fact that J&S were an actual transporter absolutely weighed in my decision. Plus, they came with a strong recommendation from the seller.”

“We purchased the car on eBay from a small dealer, Legacy Auto, in Boise that moves a few cars a month. He’s uses J&S on a regular basis, and is happy with them, and recommended them. And now, I too, am happy with them.

“J&S gave me a quote that was mid-range, in terms of their competitors, and it made it feasible to override the bidding process. I think going with a firm that is dedicated to car transport and dealing directly with the client instead of getting their assignments through a broker made a big difference.”

“They worked with me, but, more importantly, my car was delivered when it was promised. The driver could not have been more attentive.”

“The pickup and delivery were right on schedule. The car arrived in extremely good condition, and the confidence level I had rose with each call I got from the driver, Kurt. He went beyond what my expectations, in terms of letting me know where he was in the days before he arrived. He let me know that he had just picked up the car. He was let me know where he was on the road. He was amazing.”

“I’ve had several cars delivered and never had anybody who called me three times on the road to let me know the status of the transport, and the car was delivered efficiently and in good condition, and so I have very positive feeling for J&S.”

“The car arrived in excellent condition, and I’ve had cars arrive that were seriously damaged in the past. So, I have to assume that these guys know what they’re doing, and are careful and view their commitment to transportation as being as important to them as it is to the car owner.”

Working with J&S was easy. Very simply, they’re professional. They were accessible. No answering machines. They were very responsive on the phone.
I got a lady on the phone that was very well-versed and articulate. When I had questions that transcended her ability, she immediately put my on the phone with someone who could answer my questions. And the price I paid was the price that I was quoted.”

“J&S displayed exceptional professionalism. Their commitment to keeping the customer informed, and living up to their commitments at a reasonable price impressed me.”

I would definitely recommend J&S, because of their professionalism, fair price, and they lived up to their commitment to delivery my car quickly and safely. I’d use them again.

Thanks, Dave. Next time you need to transport a car, you’ll know who to use to make it a successful transport.