Online order from island in Washington to Texas plains

by | Nov 16, 2012 | Reviews

When Bob Barr of Dallas, Texas needed to get his vehicle off an island near Seattle and down into the plains of Texas, he expected to find some phone number, get a bunch of quotes and call backs and voice mails. What he found instead at J&S Transportation surprised him:

“I have had prior experience shipping cars. Historically, it was always phone calls to the respective companies. This is the first time I was able to transact most of this over the Internet,” said Barr. “The website experience at J&S was simple, fast, and easy to understand. I was able to quickly generate a quote which I thought was very fair, and then save that quote and turn it into an order.”

“The next day I had the appropriate dialog with the right person to arrange the pickup and the shipping of the vehicle. It was from Seattle, Washington, all the way down to Dallas. I own a home on an island up off the coast of Seattle. J&S arranged to get my vehicle off the island, towing it to the ferry at no extra charge.”

“This is the first time I was able to transact most of this over the internet.”

“According to the website delivery could have taken up to 21 days, but much to my surprise, they delivered within seven days. The car actually beat me there so I had to arrange an alternative delivery site with J&S until I could arrive and pick it up. It all worked well. I understand not necessarily everyone will have such a wonderful experience.”

“I found J&S by going to the web and searching for automobile or car transport. I chose J&S because it was a very seamless, smooth, easy process. The website made the process easier. I could search, learn, compare, and then leverage at my convenience. This was after work, in the evenings. I could get done what I needed to get done on my terms very quickly at the time that was most convenient to me.”

“What I think was most impressive was how well informed I felt at all times. When I got the quote, I got an email back concerning it and how I could leverage that quote. When I placed the order, I got an email confirmation back that the order had been placed and that I would get called. I got called and the details concerning the pickup, delivery, and otherwise were worked out without me having to call them. I felt very good about the process; it was simple, fast, and I was well informed at all times.”

“I would recommend J&S. I trusted the entire process. Information was readily available and I found the whole experience very easy and open. The pickup was on time, the delivery was on time based upon what was committed to me. It was fast. I can personally say, first hand, that it was a great experience.”

“The staff was very nice and I felt like I knew what was going on all the time.”

Thanks, Bob! We enjoyed the challenge of getting your vehicle loaded on a ferry before it made it onto one of our trucks. Never a dull moment in the shipping biz.