J&S transports a 1963 Buick Special from WA to ID

by | Jun 12, 2013 | Reviews

Alishia Kauvaka recently purchased a 1963 Buick Special and needed it shipped from Seattle to Payette, Idaho. An Internet search for car shipping companies led her to J&S Transportation. After giving the website the once over and making a call, she decided to use us to ship her classic vehicle.

“We actually found J&S through a Google search,” says Alishia. “I Googled ‘car transporter,’ and I found them.”

I liked the looks of the website. It looked legit. There were personal pictures of the people that worked there, which I liked. It gives you, I don’t know, it puts a human face on it, not just a voice at the end of a phone line or an email.”

“That was one of the reasons I decided to ship our car with you guys. It looked legit to me. Also, you didn’t want all the money up front. They wanted part of it, the deposit, and then when they picked up the car, they were going to get the other part of it. So that, to me, was very fair.”

“Actually, the transport was sub-contracted to Northwest Auto Transport because J&S couldn’t accommodate the time or something to deliver it. They reached out and told me what was going on.”

“They took care of it. I didn’t have anything to worry about, and they got back to me on my questions. We had good communication, good customer service, and it was wonderful.”

Let me tell you, what I liked about working with J&S was when I called, I got immediate service. I wasn’t put on hold for a number of minutes. I got immediate service when I called in.

“Honestly, I would recommend J&S for all the reasons that I just told you; because of the customer service, the communication. If I had to call there, my questions were answered. It was handled in a timely manner. Everything was great.”

“We recommend you guys. In fact, my uncle is going to be buying a car, and he is going with you guys for the transport from Seattle back to Idaho.”

Thanks, Alishia. Tell your friends. We’ll be happy to give them the same great service we gave you.