Benefits of using car movers to ship your car

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Why would a person hire car movers to ship a car? Some common reasons include:

  1. Buying a car online from a dealership hundreds of miles away
  2. Selling a car to someone in another state
  3. Moving
  4. Sending a child off to college
  5. Seasonal snowbird migrations
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Car Movers: Benefits when you ship a car

There are any number of situations where you may need your car transported. If you find yourself in that position the best thing to do is to hire a car transport service to do it for you.

Your car is a valuable and useful asset. Why would you entrust an car delivery service to move your car instead of driving it yourself? There are many benefits to hiring a car carrier to transport your vehicle as opposed to driving or hauling it yourself. A few of them are:

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  1. It Saves Money – You may find it less expensive to hire an auto hauler to transport your car. Once you add up the cost of gas, three meals a day, hotel rooms for long or round trip moves or airfare for one-way return trips, it may be decidedly cheaper to ship your car than driving it yourself.
  2. It Saves You Time – When you hire a car shipper, you don’t have to take time off from work (which may also cost you money) or give up your valuable free time on the weekend to get your vehicle moved from point A to point B.
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  4. It’s Safe – J&S Transportation checks driving records information for all of our auto transport drivers. J&S only hires drivers with over 100,000 miles of experience or if they have completed an accredited professional training program. We also put our drivers through a 30 – 45 day training course with one of our company trainers. This is an important step in the process of transporting our customers’ autos in a safe manner. A safe and quick delivery of your vehicle is our goal.
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  6. It Saves You Aggravation – Working with auto haulers can be much less stressful than making the trip yourself. Driving long distances can be stressful and tedious. It can also place you and your vehicle in harm’s way with unforeseen road hazards, weather and potential accidents. Instead, simply have your car loaded onto one of our trailers and leave the transport of your vehicle to us. If you are relocating, hiring an auto transport company gives you the choice of taking a relaxing plane ride (that will be much shorter than a road trip), instead of being stuck in a car for several hours or days.
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  8. It Saves Wear & Tear on Your Vehicle – Having your car transported as opposed to driving it yourself or hiring someone to drive it for you saves mileage and wear and tear on your vehicle since it will be transported on a truck provided by the car delivery service.
  9. Easily Transport Multiple Vehicles Simultaneously – Whether you are a dealership, a collector or seller of classic cars or a private individual needing to move multiple vehicles, hiring auto transport companies makes it easy for you to ship several vehicles at the same time. If you are moving and own more than one vehicle, hiring an auto transporter is an easy solution for getting your all vehicles to your new residence quickly. Say you have three vehicles and only two adults to drive; you would have to drive to your new residence, fly back to your old residence and make the trip one more time. Hiring a car transporter would simplify the process immensely.

These are just a few of the many benefits of hiring an auto hauling company the next time you need to ship a car instead of driving it yourself. Working with a reputable car shipper will make your car transport experience smooth, easy and hassle-free.