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by | Nov 26, 2013 | Transport Tips

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A car delivery sevice is a company that will ship your car for you. Reasons people use a car delivery service range from needing to ship a car bought online from a dealership or private seller, sending a child to college with their car, moving or relocating due to a job, the annual snowbird migration, etc. Whatever your reason for shipping a car, the more familiar you are with what auto transport companies do, the more likely you are to make an informed choice.

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Car transport service

What is an auto transport service?

Auto transport companies
come in many shapes and sizes. Some are one man companies, some are auto shippers and some are transport brokers.

The biggest benefit of using a broker for auto shipping is selection. A transport broker, however, will not be the company that ends up shipping your car. Brokers will call carriers and sell your transport order to them, gathering quotes and going for the one that allows them to maximize their profits.

If you book your transport with an actual auto hauler you deal with them directly. This eliminates the middleman. The carrier will be the people you speak to from the beginning and who will take your car from point A to point B and often offer door to door service. You will have direct contact with the people you’ve entrusted with your vehicle. If there is a problem with pickup, you know who to call.

When you are online looking for a auto shippers, you’ll want to ascertain which you are dealing with and which one will best serve your needs when you need to ship a car.

Why use a car transport service?

Reasons you may want to use car haulers range from saving money, saving time, and saving wear and tear on your vehicle. Once you figure the cost of food, fuel, hotels and other travel expenses you’ll probably find the cost to ship a car is much less expensive to ship a car cross country than driving it yourself or hiring a driver to drive it for you.

Using auto haulers to ship a car is often the best and safest choice. Auto shipping is safer than driving the car yourself. By using an auto transporter you’ll avoid wear and tear on your vehicle and your nerves, and not have to face the dangers of the road like other drivers or getting into an accident. If there is damage to your vehicle, and if it is the fault of the car transporter, they will have insurance that will pay for whatever repairs are necessary.

Using a car delivery service is much less stressful for you, since you’re not the one having to make the long distance drive.

How do you find a reliable auto shipping company?

When looking for an auto transporter there are few things you can do to help ensure you find a reputable car hauling company. Get quotes from multiple companies. See what ratings agencies have to say about the companies you are looking at. Check government agencies to make sure they are licensed, bonded, and what their safety record is. Also, check with customer review sites to see what other customers have to say about their experience having their car shipped.

When people are looking for someone to ship their car they usually don’t have a lot of experience shipping vehicles. We hope this article helped inform you and will aid you in making a good auto transport choice.

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