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by | Apr 8, 2016 | Transport Tips

Car Shipping Companies: What they can do for you!

There a many reasons you may need to hire car shipping companies to move your vehicle. Have you bought a car online from a seller far from your home? Or are you moving cross country for a job or change of scenery? Maybe your kid is starting college out of state and you want to make sure they have their vehicle with them.

Unless you want to make a long distance road trip yourself, your best option is to use car shipping companies to ship your car for you! More often than not, it’s easier and less stressful than making the road trip yourself.

Benefits of a car delivery service:

  1. It saves you money: It’s often less expensive than making the trip yourself! Gas, food, lodging and possible air fares aren’t cheap.
  2. It saves you time: Traveling to pick up your vehicle and make the road trip back home means days on the road while you miss work. As the saying goes, time is money!
  3. It saves wear and tear on your car: You just bought a car online. Why put hundreds of miles on your car when you don’t have to?
  4. It’s convenient: You don’t have to drive. You don’t have to install a hitch, pull a trailer, or figure out how to use ratcheted tie-downs. You don’t have to sleep in roadside motels or eat at truck stops. No traffic jams, no surprise interstate construction zones, no toll booths, and no driving in cities whose roads you don’t know.
  5. It’s energy efficient: If everyone decided to drive their vehicles themselves instead of shipping them long distances, imagine the amount of fuel burned. When you consider the hundreds of thousands of vehicles shipped per year, you can definitely see the benefits of shipping a car instead of making the long distance road trip yourself.

Regardless of why you may need to transport a vehicle, when looking for a car delivery service, you’ll have to choose between the two types of car transport service.

There are two kinds of auto transport companies: auto transport brokers and car transporters. Each kind of car transport company has their strengths and weaknesses, depending on what you’re looking for.

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Car transporters

The #1 feature of using an actual transporter to ship your car is one-on-one contact. Car transport companies have their own fleet of trucks they’ll use to ship your car, and with J&S in particular, you’ll have one point of contact through the vehicle shipping process. The person you speak to initially will shepherd you and your car throughout the process and you’ll be able to get a real person on the phone when you need one. At J&S, one of the many things we pride ourselves on is our dedication to provide you with great customer service and honest communication throughout the car shipping process.

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Auto transport brokers

The #1 strength of using an auto transport broker is they offer a wide variety of car transport companies to choose from. Brokers don’t actually ship your car; they find a car transporter for you from their list of affiliates.

When you get an auto transport quote from your average broker, they try to find a car carrier who will transport your car for the least amount of money so they can maximize their profits.

While a lot of brokers will take your email and farm it out to their subsidiaries, resulting in your inbox being flooded by solicitations from tons of auto transport companies, J&S Transportation will never do that

We do the heavy lifting for you. We’ll find the right carrier to ship your car. We won’t give out your email and contact info until we’ve secured an auto hauler for your order, and at that point, the only reason will be for you and the car carrier to contact each other to coordinate pickup and delivery.
J&S is primarily a car transport company with our own fleet of trucks, but we’re also a licensed broker. We’ve been in the auto shipping business for over 15 years and we know the ins and out of the business. We have the expertise and flexibility to transport your vehicle nationwide safely and quickly.