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by | Jun 16, 2014 | Transport Tips

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Moving season is usually the warmer part of the year. Obviously, it’s a lot easier and nicer to move when it’s warm instead of in the dead of winter. When moving, people mostly hire movers to help get their belongings from their old residence to their new one. But what about their vehicles?

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Ship your vehicle when you use moving companies to help you move

While some movers do offer car transport services in addition to transporting your belongings, doesn’t it make sense to hire someone who specializes in auto transport to ship your car? You wouldn’t hire a plumber to fix your air conditioning, so why hire a house move to transport your vehicle?

Moving companies ship your belongings; car transporters will transport your vehicle

Before you packed up your belongings, you probably researched more than one moving company before choosing the one you decided to use. The same applies to researching auto transport companies. What kind of company meets your car transport needs, a broker or a car transporter? What is the reputation of the auto transporter? How is their safety record? What is their BBB grade? These are all things you might want to check on when looking for home movers and car movers.

A dependable auto shipper has the expertise and know-how to ship your car. They can also coordinate with your home moving company to have your vehicles arrive around the same time as your belongings.

You may be asking, “Why don’t I just drive my car myself?” Well, using a car delivery service is often less expensive than undertaking a long distance road trip yourself. Gas, food, lodging and unforeseen expenses can add up quickly. Plus, when you ship your car, you don’t have to deal with the stresses of a long distance trip. Finally, statistically, it’s is safer to move a car than drive it yourself.

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Moving companies are experienced in shipping your belongings and furniture, but may be less experienced when it comes to auto transport. That is not the case with J&S Transportation. We have over a decade of experience in the car delivery service, and we know how to get your car transported quickly and damage-free. J&S is primarily a car carrier with our own fleet of trucks, but we are also a licensed broker. That means that whatever situation arises, we have the flexibility to meet the challenge and get your car delivered to your new home. Get a free quote and book your auto transport order today!