2000 Toyota Camry transported from HIllsboro, OR, to Ontario, OR

by | Sep 11, 2013 | Reviews

Frances McGowan needed a 2000 Toyota Camry shipped from Hillsboro, OR, to Ontario, OR. A recent bad auto shipping experience caused her to find a different company to try this time. When she found J&S she found our prices to be reasonable and our communication and customer service to be excellent.

“We shipped cars a couple of times in the past with other companies” says Frances. “The first time was I’d say average. The price was fair. It was to Texas, and was better than I thought.”

“My son had a car shipped just recently and that was a freaking nightmare. When the driver showed up to deliver the car he wanted more money than they had already paid them. It was paid in full, and they wanted more before they’d take it off the truck. We didn’t pay more, of course. Also, it took them over a month to get my sons’ car picked up after the company told him a date. They had already moved by then, and they didn’t have a car for over a month. So, that experience was terrible. But this time, working with J&S, was very, very good.”

“We replaced our son’s car in Portland and said, ‘We’ll bring yours down here and keep it here,’ but it wasn’t safe enough to drive, because we didn’t know if it was going to quit running on us, so we decided to have it shipped.”

“A friend gave me the name of a company, because he uses them a lot. I was Google searching their company phone number and J&S was on the same page. I got a quote from the other company and it was high so I checked out the J&S site and got a quote, and it was very, very reasonable.”

“I chose to go with you guys for a couple reasons. One was the cost, and the second was I just felt very comfortable with the people that I spoke with at their office in Billings, Montana. They seemed like there were real people there, and they didn’t sound like they were rough people. They sounded like normal business people, so I just trusted them.”

“They acted like we do when we’re running our business. They want to be in touch with the customers, they want to do a fair job, and they’re not trying to gouge anybody like so many of the other shipping places that I talked to were. J&S said they could do it at a reasonable price and they ran their business like we do, like they want repeat business.”

“Basically, it was the price, the convenience and the customer service that won me over.”

It was very easy working with J&S. The price was exceptional. The guys who delivered were very friendly, and it was very convenient to pickup. It was super easy. You guys were awesome. Pickup and delivery were very timely, and J&S’ people were very professional.

“They said they run this route all the time, and they expected to have the car picked up and delivered within a week, and I had it pretty much exactly within a week from when I ordered it.The J&S crew was very friendly, very professional, and they answered all my questions. They were easy to contact and they were available whenever I had a question.”

“The price we were quoted was great. I felt like J&S were honest people, and they dealt with us professionally. I would recommend them to anybody. They weren’t brokering and dispatching out of Florida or working with some guy who looked like he should be behind bars instead of delivering cars.”

“I made a good choice, and if I ever have to ship a car again, I know exactly who I would call, and I absolutely intend to make sure people know about you guys.”

We look forward to more successful transports of your cars in the future, Frances.