Should you use long distance moving companies or auto transporters to ship a car?

by | Mar 8, 2016 | Transport Tips

long distance movers
For the most part, no one likes moving. The hassle of packing up your house, boxing up your stuff and loading it all into a truck is hard and tedious work. That’s why most folks will hire movers to pack up and ship their belongings, especially when they are moving across country.

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Use long distance moving companies to ship your belongings

The hot weather months of summer is the peak season for long distance movers and car shipping companies. This is for a variety of reasons. Companies are relocating employees. People are making moves for jobs or personal reasons they may have put off during the winter. Military servicemen and service women are receive new orders transporting them to installations across the country and globe. College kids are done for the summer and may want to ship their stuff home in late May and June, and then ship them back to college in August and early September. The annual snowbird migration is taking place.

When moving cross country, shipping your belongings is probably the first thing you think of, but what about shipping your vehicle? Hiring long distance movers to ship your household items makes moving easier. The same can be said of using a car delivery service to ship your car to your new home.

long distance moving companies

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Use car transporters to ship your car

But why use auto transport companies instead of driving your car yourself? Well, there are a number of reasons. A few include:

  1. It is often less expensive than driving it yourself
  2. It will save unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle.
  3. Shipping your car is statistically safer than driving it yourself.
  4. You can avoid the trouble and tedium of a long distance drive.

Moving is a stressful experience. Why not make it that much easier by hiring a car transport service to ship your car when you hire a moving company to ship your belongings. Once your transport order is booked and your car is picked up you can turn your attention to the rest of the move. With a little planning, hiring an auto hauler will ensure your car is at your destination when you arrive without you having to tow it behind a moving van or driving it yourself.

Of course the company you hire needs to be reputable. Before you decide on any company, moving or vehicle hauling, check out the reviews, BBB ratings, safety record and what their customers have to say on review sites to help ensure you have a pleasant and successful car moving experience.