BMW 530 shipped for soldier from GA to FL

by | Aug 28, 2013 | Reviews

Michele Kanauth’s son, Spc. Mark Fruge is stationed in Afghanistan. While serving overseas he recently purchased a car and needed it shipped from Peach Tree, GA, to his parents’ house in Navarre, FL. Since Mark was out of the country, he set up the entire transport of his 2001 BMW 530 on our website, but his parents dealt with intricacies of the interstate car transport themselves. Despite the difficulty in coordinating an order from multiple time zones away, the transport went without a hitch. Let Michele tell you about her experience working with J&S:

“My son, Spc. Mark Fruge, is stationed in Afghanistan and bought a car, a 2001 BMW 530, and needed it shipped from Peach Tree, GA, to us here in Navarre. FL,” said Michele. “He did an online search and found you guys and booked the transport of his car. He made all the arrangements for everything, where to have it picked up, where to have it delivered to, he took care of all that on the computer.

“For my own piece of mind I wanted to make sure that after the transfer was made and Mark paid for the car it was ok sure with the seller, Ryan, and his parents to keep the car with them was until the transport company came and picked it up. Ryan was like, ‘Not a problem, my parents say everything’s fine, the car can stay here until they get there to pick it up.’ I spoke with a gentleman by the name of Gary from the J&S office and he relayed the same information to me.”

“Mark bought the car on Monday and the transport was confirmed Monday morning and the car was delivered two days later. It was sold on Monday, Tuesday it was picked up, Wednesday it was delivered.”

“The driver, Levi, called me Wednesday. I think it was around 11 o’clock, and he said he would be here within an hour and a half to two hours. He had it at my house probably around 2-ish because it was there when I got home from work.”

“My husband was at home when the car was delivered. The car has a lowered suspension that had been modified by the kid Mark bought it from. My husband has been a mechanic for 30 years, and he’s dealt with flat beds and tow trucks and this that and the other thing, and because the car was lowered, my husband was looking at it funny, you know, thinking ‘all right how are we going to get this off the trailer?’”

“The driver was very knowledgeable and polite. They all got it worked out and everything was fine. My husband said the driver did what he had to do to get the car off the trailer without damaging it. When I got home he said everything was good, the driver was very pleasant and helped him in any way he could. He was very satisfied with everything, and Mark was very happy, too.”

“>Mark was very pleased that the car got here so quickly. When he relayed the information to me via Facebook he said J&S said it would be 4 to 7 days from confirming the order to pick-up and then another 4 days from pick-up to delivery. Then I got the phone call saying it’s going to be delivered on Wednesday. That was really quick. Mark was extremely happy, and he’s trying to rush home so he can get his first drive with the car.”

“When I got home on Wednesday after the car had been delivered, Mark sent me a message asking ‘Is my car there?’ I said ‘Yeah, it’s parked in the driveway, everything is good to go.’ He was like ‘I thought it would be at least another week yet,’ and I said, ‘No, honey, they got it here in like a day. You’ve still got some time before you get home, but it will be here when you get here.’”

“What I liked best about working with J&S was how smooth the whole thing went and how fast the car got here. I was kind of like the third party on this, because Mark initiated everything from over there in Afghanistan, and he was very pleased with how everything went. Mark had initiated everything on a Monday and I spoke with Gary Monday afternoon. The driver, Levi, called me on Tuesday morning to let me know they picked up the car and then again on Wednesday to say he’d be here in about an hour and a half. So, all in all, it was a pleasant experience. I mean, I’ve dealt with other transport companies before and some of them aren’t worth a flip, but Mark was very pleased, he was very excited that the car got there as quickly as it did.”

We would absolutely recommend J&S because, you know, the timing was impeccable, everything was orchestrated as well it could be orchestrated with my son being over in Afghanistan and the difficulty communication from there can be. I’m sure Mark would highly recommend J&S, too. If his buddies over there are buying a car, I’m sure Mark would give a nice recommendation for them to use your services if they need to ship a car.

Thanks Michele. If you or Mark or any of his military buddies ever need to ship a car in the future, you know who to call for great customer service and a stress-free transport experience.