1963 VW Beetle shipped from ID to CA

by | Apr 17, 2015 | Reviews

Jim and Debra Sklenar purchased a 1963 VW Beetle and needed it transported from Boise, ID, to their home in Santa Cruz, CA. Having never shipped a car before, they went on an internet search to find an auto hauling company. Looking for a transporter instead of a transport broker, they came across J&S Transportation

“We did an Internet search for car haulers. We were of course inundated with a number of emails from brokers, so just discounted them right off the bat,” said Jim. “We were interested in a car hauler. My wife called J&S and spoke to the dispatch office. J&S said they had their own trucks but they did contract out for routes that they were not able to cover themselves and I was okay with that.”

“We had a very positive response and had all our questions were answered. We decided we would use J&S regarding shipping a ’63 Volkswagen Bug from Boise, ID, to Santa Cruz, CA.”

The transport went very well. It was a very straightforward experience. We were told we could expect delivery of the car in about one week from the day that we called. We were in contact with the driver of the transporter all the way. They gave us plenty of notice of when the car would arrive, and sure enough it arrived seven days exactly from the day of we made the initial call.

“One concern that I had was that the car would be dropped at some location and then picked up again by another transport. If the actual shipping would have been in more than one part I was concerned that the car might languish at some mid way location before it was picked up by another carrier and brought down here the rest of the way. But that did not happen at all. The car showed up the day it was supposed to with no problem at all.”

“This was our first time transporting a car and we much appreciate the positive experience. The whole interaction with J&S was very positive and at a very reasonable price, too. We got quotes for a little bit higher cost and J&S was right in the middle of the pack. We were very satisfied all the way around.”

“What most impressed about J&S was the customer service we received. It was very good. We were in contact with the actual driver of the transporter; he contacted us several times along the route and telling us where he was and when he would be arriving, and was very easy to arrange a place for the vehicle of that size to park and unload. The customer service was a big plus.”

“I would absolutely recommend them for all the reasons I mentioned. It was an overall positive experience and I would not hesitate to use J&S again if the occasion should arise.”

Thanks, Jim. We’ll be here if you need to ship a car in the future.