2008 Ford Explorer shipped from MT to AZ

by | Oct 16, 2014 | Reviews

Don Early of Phoenix, AZ, has a lot of experience with the auto transport industry. He’s bought vehicles at auction before and used auto transport brokers to deliver them. This time, he bought a 2008 Ford Explorer from the BLM office in Dillon, MT, and needed to transport it his home. After having difficulty find a broker who would pick up the vehicle and being dissatisfied with the quality of customer service he’d received in the past, he started looking for a different option. His search led him to J&S.

“Basically, I bought a GSA (General Service Administration) vehicle, a 2008 Ford Explorer, at an online auction through the government. It was a Bureau of Land Management vehicle that was auctioned off on the Internet through the government’s GSA website,” says Don. “The truck was at the BLM office in Dillon, Montana, and I needed to get to me in Phoenix, AZ.”

“I had bought some of these vehicles before and had them shipped through brokers. The communication was a little tough because the broker would dispatch the truck, but then I didn’t really have communication with the driver until he got to town and was trying to hook up with me.”

“Every broker I tried treated Dillon, Montana, like it was in the middle of nowhere and didn’t know when they could get up there. Basically I was dissatisfied with the service I received from the brokers in the past, and that’s why I decided to go a different route this time and find a local company based out of Montana.”

“I started on the Internet, found J&S, saw some good reviews online about them and called them up. The quote I got was very competitive, actually less than most of the other quotes that I got. Plus the fact that J&S is primarily a transporter and has their own fleet of trucks was a big part of my decision to end up going with J&S.”

“A lot of the other people were treating Dillon like it was way out of the way, but J&S picked it up when they promised they would and got it delivered here shortly thereafter with no issues. I gave them the information of where the truck was and who the contact was, and Joe took care of it from there. That’s pretty much the story.”

“There was a lot less communication with the brokers I used in the past than what I got from Joe at J&S. Joe kept me informed when the vehicle was picked up, where it was, when it looked like it would be here, and put the driver in touch with me the morning he showed up.”

If I had to ship a vehicle again I’d definitely use J&S; they have their own trucks and it’s more direct communication with the haulers as opposed to a broker.