BMW 328 transported from WA to GA

by | Sep 10, 2013 | Reviews

Matt Plouffe had never shipped a car before, and was a bit skeptical of the vehicle hauling industry as a whole, given the less than stellar reputation it has garnered thanks to less than reputable companies out there. So when he needed his 2007 BMW 328 shipped from Kent, WA, to Alpharetta, GA, a co-workers’ recommendation led him to J&S. Despite a glitch in the pickup of his vehicle, our communication and customer service won him over.

“I never shipped a car before. It seems like auto transport business in general is more of shady business than legit, “said Matt. “My main concern was whether my car, a 2007 BMW 328, would make it here or not. I needed to get it to Alpharetta, GA, from Kent, WA. Somebody I work with recommended J&S so I decided to use them to ship the car.”

I’ve never worked with anybody to ship a car before but just from the nature of the business, I think it went pretty well. J&S was a little bit more expensive than some other companies but I think I got what I paid for.

“The only pain was the pickup of the car. Dispatch said it was going to be picked up on Friday so I blocked out a chunk of time. Then I had somebody call me saying, “They can’t pick it up Friday.” We had to change plans. It got picked up on Monday but I had already flown out so I had to have my girlfriend drop the car off, but it went smoothly.”

“It was good working with J& S. Everybody I talked to in dispatch was pretty cool. They called a lot to let me know what was going on with the transport of my car. J&S worked pretty hard to get my car picked up and to keep me informed. I called them up, they called me and answered my questions and let me know what’s going on.”

“I guess that’s what I liked best about working with J&S, the ability to get them on the phone when I had a question. I think their communication was better than I expected and they kept me more informed than I thought they would with the nature of the auto shipping business. They kept me informed as to what was going on.”

“I would recommend J&S because of their communication and because the dispatch office worked diligently with me to coordinate the pickup and delivery of the car.”

Thanks, Matt. We’re glad your transport experience with J&S as a positive one, and we hope you’ll use us again in the future.