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Once you’ve gotten an interstate auto shipping quote and place a vehicle hauling order, it can take anywhere from two days to four weeks for an auto transport order to be fulfilled, depending on a few different factors. The main determining factor is the distance the vehicle is to be shipped, as well as from where it is being picked up and to where it is being shipped. The more remote the pickup or drop-off location, the longer it may take to complete car hauling order.

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How long does it take for an auto truck transport order to be fulfilled?

In addition, unforeseen obstacles may pop up that can affect the delivery of the vehicle. The following is a list of examples of unexpected delays that can arise during transport of your vehicle:

  1. The weather. Snow storms, heavy rain, hurricanes, etc. can impact transport of your vehicle.
  2. Traffic. Heavy traffic, particularly in urban environments, can add time to how long it will take to deliver your vehicle.
  3. Accidents. This can tie up traffic, especially if there are a lot of rubberneckers.
  4. Road Construction. Detours can lead to delays for all motor vehicles, not just auto haulers.

All J&S trucks have GPS navigation systems but sometimes finding the exact location may take longer than expected thanks to new road construction. Also, our car carriers are large trucks and are driven with extreme caution for the safety of other drivers on the road as well as the safety of your vehicle. The Department of Transportation limits the number of hours our drivers can work daily for the safety of everyone on the road. Quick and safe delivery of your vehicle is our goal.

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Is there a cost or obligation for filling out your car shipping quote form?

No, the auto transport quote forms on this web site allows you to get free vehicle shipping rates for your car instantly. The quote is free and you are under no obligation to accept it. But, for example, if you got a quote for auto transport a few weeks ago but did not book it, the price may change due to fuel pricing and other variables. So advanced booking may save you some money on your car delivery.

How far in advance should you book an auto transport order?

We suggest booking auto transport as far in advance as you can, but at least 10 days in advance of when you need to ship your car is a good idea. Many auto transport companies can arrange car shipping on shorter notices as well. However, the earlier you book your order the more flexibility the car transport service will have scheduling a route and arrange pickup and delivery locations that are close to each other. Doing this helps the car delivery service fill up their trucks faster which saves you money.