The best way to ship a car

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Transport Tips

Q: The best way to ship a car?
A: J&S Transportation!

There are a lot of reasons people need to ship their car. It makes perfect sense that you’ll want to use the best way to ship a car.

Maybe you purchased a car online and need to ship it to your home. Perhaps you’re moving for a job.

Is your child is heading off to college and you want them to have their vehicle? Perhaps you’re a snowbird and want to have your car while you escape the winter in the warmer parts of the country.

Whatever your reason, the best way to ship a car is with J&S Transportation!

best way to ship a car

Get a free auto transport quote and book your order with J&S! The best way to ship a car!

Choose Experience You Can Trust

Customers have trusted us with shipping their cars all over the US for over 17 years! There isn’t a car transport scenario we haven’t dealt with, so we have the experience to resolve any problem that may arise!

You can rest easy knowing that whether it’s on our personal trucks, or trucks from a company we work with, your car is always safe.

We’re primarily a car transporter, so we have our own fleet of trucks. But we’re also a licensed broker.

Basically, this means you can trust your car will consistently be transported safely and quickly because of the know-how and flexibility we have as an auto transport company that works on both sides of the business.

Whether you’re shipping a car to Alaska or Hawaii, across the country from New York to LA, or simply across the state, we’ve got it covered.

You Always Know What’s Going On

You booked your car transport with us, so we’ll be the people you deal with throughout the whole process. We pride ourselves on our excellent communication with our customers.

You’ll always know what we can do and not just what we think you want to hear.

Since we have our own fleet of trucks, we’ll work to get your vehicle on one of our trucks whenever possible. If we can get your vehicle delivered faster by brokering it to one of our business partners, we will, but not before letting you know.

And even if we broker your transport, we’re still the point of contact from beginning to end.

best way to ship a car

The best way to ship a car? Book your auto transport order with J&S Transportation and find out!

What Should You Check?

While J&S may not be the lowest auto transport quote you’ll get, we think we’re the best.

  • Reputation –
    What do actual customers have to say about us? Check out reviews from our customers on sites like,, as well as reviews on Google and Facebook will give you an idea of our reputation.
    Also, check us out with Better Business Bureau.
  • Safety–
    This is probably the number one most important characteristic you should seek out in an auto transport company.
    You can check out our safety rating at the FMCSA.

There are a lot of car transport companies out there. Do your research when you need to ship your car.
Get quotes from a variety of companies so you have an idea of the ballpark for car shipping costs.

We’re not the least expensive, simply the best.