J&S delivers 2003 Honda Pilot from MO to CO

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Jay Crookston was in the middle of moving cross country from Chicago, IL, to Boulder, CO, when his car broke down in St. Joseph, MO. Jay needed to get to Boulder so he left his 2003 Honda Pilot to get repaired. Once the car was fixed, it needed to get shipped to Boulder. That’s were J&S came into the picture.

“My car broke down as we were relocating for a new business from Chicago to Boulder, Colorado, and we broke down in St. Joseph, Missouri,” says Jay. “It was Friday night, and we couldn’t rent a car, couldn’t do this, couldn’t do that. We were literally just kind of screwed.”

“We dropped the car off at a Honda dealership in St. Joseph to get worked on and I bought a car that Saturday so we could get to Boulder.”

“The dealership we bought the vehicle from, Honda of Lisle in Lisle, IL, arranged for the vehicle repair and the transport once it was ready to go. It turned out we had to get a new engine in it.”

“Once it was repaired we had the problem of getting it to Boulder, which is like 900 miles from St. Joseph, Missouri. We needed to get the car back because we’re paying for a rental car and the holiday was coming up so there was a sense of urgency.”

“The dealership contacted you guys. They handled all of the arrangements. After the arrangements were made, J&S’s dispatch office reached out to me to go over the details of the transport. They did a phenomenal job; they were very diligent in their follow up and keeping me in the loop, and was extremely professional.”

“We moved here to Boulder because we’re a start up and we had a significant investor. We had to get a lot of stuff to get done with the business, and the car breaking down was a major distraction. But once J&S contacted us, for the first time in the four weeks that the car had been in this process, there was a certain degree of confidence that it was actually going to turn out like it was supposed to.”

“What I was impressed with was you guys lived up to every commitment you made. In fact, you exceeded expectations. I don’t know if you under promised and over delivered intentionally, but the car was delivered a day early, and exactly as agreed to between the driver and me. The driver even accommodated a last minute change in the drop off point. Transporting the vehicle was the only aspect of the whole moving process that was painless.”

Once the delivery arrangements were made we didn’t have to worry about it. If anyone ever needs to ship a vehicle, I’d recommend J&S; they didn’t just deliver the vehicle on time, they delivered peace of mind.