Subaru Legacy transported from MT to TX

by | Aug 7, 2014 | Reviews

Kathleen O’Reilly was moving across country and needed to ship her car, a 2002 Subaru Legacy, from Missoula, MT, to her new home in Dallas, TX. An online search led her to J&S Transportation. Even though we had to broker her interstate car transport order, she found the service provided to be more than she hoped for.

“I was moving from Missoula, MT, to Dallas, and I did not want to make that drive alone,” said Kathleen. “Also, my ’02 Subaru has about 45,000 original miles on it, and I didn’t want to put the miles the trip would put on it if I drove it myself. That was certainly on my mind.”

“I went online and found J&S. I really liked what I saw on your website, the way it’s laid out. Also, you were a local Montana company. Those were two of the reasons I decided to use you.”

“The communication was exceptional. They were also personable and made me have a feeling of confidence that my car was going to be there when I needed it be, and they were going to work with me to get that done no matter what the difficulties were. They closed all the gaps and all the loops, and arranged it so my car would be there when I got to Dallas.”

“Gary called me a couple of times a day, checking in and letting me know where the truck was and telling me they’re going to be in my neighborhood to pick up the car between these hours. J&S had to broker my car to another company, Reliant Auto Transport, and the particular subcontractor they worked with was excellent start to finish.”

“On the day the Legacy was delivered, I had just come in by plane myself. They couldn’t deliver it to my doorstep because the truck was too big for the neighborhood, but I do not hold that against you. They delivered within five miles of my new home at a Home Depot parking lot. That’s standard operating procedure in the industry.”

“J&S were wonderful, wonderful people to work with. They made the whole experience less daunting. I don’t know how you grade people, but on a scale of one to five they’re way up there – seven, eight. I liked them that much.”

“The J&S people were just down to earth, straightforward, and honest. I liked Gary very much. I’d recommend you folks to anybody.

“J&S is a really good, hard-working Montana company, but I have to tell you I was really impressed me over the top with Reliant, the company they’re doing business with. I mean those people are top shelf, and they are doing nothing except bringing a better market presence to J&S. I mean I can’t say enough about them.”

I’ve moved all over the place. I mean, I’ve lived everywhere and I’ve had vehicles shipped four or five times. Out of all the experiences, there’s no comparison; J&S are just the best professionals I’ve ever dealt with.

“Even though my car is a ’02, it’s spotless, and when it was delivered, it was just as and good as when I put it on that transport.”