Salvaged 2007 Ford Focus shipped from Tukwila, WA, to Salem, OR

by | May 13, 2015 | Reviews

Dave Jackson of Salem, OR, buys damaged vehicles from auctions to repair and sell. Recently, he purchased a damaged 2007 Ford Focus from an auction in Tukwila, WA, and needed to get to his shop in Salem. After an Internet search and some research, he decided to give J&S a try.

“I was looking on the Internet for a place that shipped cars from Washington, specifically Seattle or Tukwila to Salem, Oregon, and I found J&S on the Internet,” says Dave.

“I bought a car, a wrecked 2007 Ford Focus, from Insurance Auto Auction in Tukwila, WA, sight unseen. We look for cars that have been in accidents that are nice and have minimal damage, ones that we can put back together real easy and resell.”

“This one is for the son of a friend of mine. It was running but I don’t think that would have mattered; I think you still would have got it here, even if it wasn’t running.”

“I liked that J&S were somewhat local. That made a big difference, because I figured the less distance the driver had to drive, the better. Also, you guys came pretty highly recommended off the Internet; I read the reviews from other people and it seemed like you guys did a good job.”

“I also liked the fact that J&S is a smaller company; I just like working with smaller companies. I think it’s better to help the small businessman than give the job to a big outfit and hope that they do a good job. It was more personal with you guys.”

“It was pretty easy to set up the transport. I called J&S and in less than a day they had the car prepared and on the way. It got to us on time and the driver was really pleasant to deal with. He actually showed up a little earlier than planned; he did a really good job. I thought it was a really good experience all the way around.”

“The only thing that I was concerned about was that the car maybe wasn’t going to get picked up on time. I had a window of time when the auction needed you to pick up the car before it would start costing me money, you know, storage fees. But you guys called me right back within that same day and said, ‘No, no, we’ll have it taken care of,’ so I didn’t worry for very long.”

What most impressed me was just the ease of it. I mean I got cars shipped before and it was like several calls and issues I had to deal with them all along the way and it was just kind of a pain. With you guys, I just entered in the credit card information on the computer and it was a done deal.

“Another thing I liked is you guys didn’t want all the money upfront which was great. I liked also being able to pay with a credit card instead of having to get cash and pay the driver after he got here, that was kind of a pain of the other places. That was unique to J&S compared to my previous experiences. Most of them, they wanted the driver to get paid cash when the driver got here, and that was kind of a hassle, you know?”

“Overall, working with J&S was a real good experience. The main reason was because you’re a smaller company and you were right on top of it. I mean, there was no waiting; I didn’t have to worry about whether it was going to get done or not. I liked the way we were able to pay you, too.”

When I need to ship a car again, I’ll call J&S first. I’m really pleased with the service and I’ll definitely use them again.