Chevrolet Suburban shipped from Nebraska to Michigan

by | Nov 13, 2013 | Reviews

Josh Hinch of Watervliet, MI, was on vacation with his family when their 2000 Chevy Suburban broke down in Broken Bow, NE. After getting another vehicle to finish their trip home, Josh set about looking for car carriers to get the Suburban home. His search led him to J&S.

“My family was heading home from a vacation,” said Josh. “I broke down in Broken Bow, Nebraska, and decided that it wasn’t going to be worth fixing there, so I bought a replacement vehicle, got my family home, and then started researching to either salvage the truck out or have it shipped home. It was running but the rear end went out on me. So it was still drivable. It just wasn’t going to tow a 25-foot trailer home.”

“I started by looking around online. Initially, most of what I found were obviously middlemen between you and the consumer, companies that would offer to shop all the car haulers and whatnot, but I wanted actual transport companies that I could work directly with. I wasn’t looking for an eBay to find me a car hauler. I was looking to work with a car hauling company directly.”

After I found you guys online, it was a testimonial I read that led me to ask a few more questions, and frankly, I couldn’t have asked for the whole process to have been simpler. If I was telling somebody else about my experience with you guys, one of the first things I would say is there were absolutely no hidden fees. It seemed like some of the sites I read about were trying to fear monger about hidden fees in car hauling, but your site made the booking unbelievably simple.”

“It was a gut feeling that led me to choose J&S, honestly. You seemed to be a small company, and primarily a transporter instead of a broker.”

Working with J&S was a piece of cake. I placed the order online one night, and the next morning you guys were trying to reach me. I don’t remember if my car was picked up that very same evening or if it was the next day, but it was all lightning fast. By the time I returned the call to your guy, he’d already been in touch with the individual who had the car and had worked out all the details. They already knew what condition the car was in and how to go about picking it up.

“Once your guy picked up the Suburban, he called in the morning and gave me maybe a 400- or 500-mile heads-up of when he expected to be here, and when he was running and he was making good time, he called along the route to touch base and let me know.”

“He was flexible about the delivery time for me, as well. I had a tournament that night, and I couldn’t be there right when he got here. He arrived and got the truck unloaded before I got home, and it was all ready for me. Everything went real smooth, just real smooth.”

“A couple things really pleased me about working with J&S. I would say a combination of just how responsive everybody I was talking with was, and how fast you got the vehicle picked up and delivered. I mean, you guys were on the phone right away the next day. I felt like I had somebody holding my hand throughout the whole process. Going back to that gut feeling, I just felt like I was dealing with a small group of guys, and not some big corporate thing.”

I would definitely recommend J&S to anyone needing to ship a car, and I’d have that same answer if it took two weeks for you guys to get my vehicle to me. It’s been an absolutely pleasure. I honestly don’t think I could have imagined the experience to be as positive as it has been.”

Thanks, Josh. Hopefully next time you need to ship your car, we’ll be there.