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by | Jun 9, 2014 | Transport Tips

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Spring and summer are when many families move to new homes in America. Maybe its cabin fever after being cooped up for the long winter, seasonal job opportunities, or just the most convenient seasons to move thanks to the weather. Most folks use moving companies to ship their belongings long distances, but what about their cars? Instead of making a long-distance drive yourself, using a car transporter to ship your car to your new destination could be the way to go for you.

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Moving Cars across the country is what we do

Whether you making a move for a new job, the semi-annual snowbird migration or moving to make a new start, there are a number of reasons you should use a car transport service to get your vehicle to your new locale.

J&S: moving cars for our customers for over a decade

    1. Safety: Using auto transport companies is actually safer than driving it yourself.
    2. Mileage: Using car shippers saves wear and tear on your vehicle for long distance transports.
    3. Cost: It’s often less expensive to ship your car than drive it. Gas, food and lodging add up quick.
    4. Stress: Long distance road trips can be less than relaxing. Think or your average commute around town. Idiots abound. Now multiply that by 1,000 miles or more. Not a pleasant thought, right?
    5. Maintenance: It’s recommended you get your car tuned up or serviced before making a long distance road trip. If you hire a car mover, this is unnecessary.
    6. Repairs: Despite the best laid plans of mice and men, unexpected breakdowns can happen on long distance road trips. If you’re in the middle of nowhere you’ll need to hire a tow truck to get you to the nearest mechanic, then have to rent a hotel room while you wait for the vehicle to be repaired. Avoid this nightmare completely by using an auto shipper.
    7. Multiple vehicles: Many families have more than one car. Instead of caravanning, a car delivery service can ship all your vehicles quickly and safely.

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A J&S transport driver pauses for a break before descending through White Bird Pass in Idaho

If you decide to use an auto hauler to ship your car, get multiple quotes, check their reputations, safety record, and see what other customers have to say about their service.

J&S has been transporting vehicles for auto auctions, car dealerships and the public for over a decade, and in an industry with a less than sterling reputation, we are a beacon of customer service and satisfaction. We are primarily a transporter, but we are also a licensed broker which gives us the flexibility to meet all your auto transport needs! So whatever your reason for moving cars, book your interstate car transport order with us and avoid the stress and headache of a long distance road trip.