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by | Aug 29, 2014 | Transport Tips

Moving companies
Summer tends to be the busiest time for interstate moving companies and auto haulers. It’s a convenient time for families to move because children are out of school. For the most part, families try to avoid changing schools mid-year, and moving during the school year will disrupt studies and schooling for the kids.

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Moving? Hire Relocation Companies and Auto Transporters

Summer is also when many employers often ask their employees to move from one office to another for their job, often using corporate relocation companies. The summer months are ideal for young professionals and couples without children to relocate. Work schedules tend to be more flexible and with the summer holidays, it’s easier to take an extended leave for moving cross country.

Moving to a new home can be complex and stressful, and movers can help make the process a lot smoother. They will make shipping your belongings to your new home a lot easier than undertaking it yourself. But what about your vehicles?

relocation companies

A load of vehicles ready to be transported by J&S Transportation.

Often, people don’t think to ship their cars as well as their household goods. While relocation companies and professional movers are adept at getting your belongings to your new destination, they may have less experience when it comes to auto shipping.

That is why we suggest when you get ready for a move cross country, investigate auto transport companies in addition to moving companies.

J&S has been moving cars for our customers for over 15 years. We are primarily an auto hauler, but we are also a licensed broker. If at all possible, we’ll move your vehicle on one the trucks in our fleet, but if we can get your vehicle to your new home faster by brokering it, we will. We have the flexibility and know-how to ship your car safely and quickly. We can also coordinate with your interstate movers to get your vehicle there when your belongings arrive.

Whenever your family is planning to move or ship a car there are some things you should take into consideration:

  • Plan in advance: Contact your movers and book your car shipping as far in advance as possible.
  • Research the companies: See what the BBB has to say about your moving company and your auto hauling company. Check with the FMCSA for their safety records. Most importantly, check customer review sites to see what other people who’ve used the companies have to say about their performance.
  • Be flexible: Moving and auto transport is not an exact science. Make sure you give yourself a window within which to make your move and ship your car.

So whether your family is relocating for a job or moving for a change of scenery, make the move less stressful and book your auto transport with J&S Transportation.