Hiring interstate moving companies when moving

by | Jul 18, 2014 | Transport Tips

Are you moving in the near future? Is your company relocating you? Or are you moving for a change of scenery? Perhaps you just need to help your recent high school graduate move into their dorm at college?

In any of these scenarios, moving your belongings and furniture is probably foremost in your mind, but what about your vehicles? While it may not be on the top of your list when you’re moving, you should definitely look into shipping your car, in addition to your belongings.

There are a number of reasons you may need to hire interstate movers to help get your stuff from one place to another.

Whatever your reason, unless you’re the adventurous type who likes packing up an entire house and driving a large moving van without any experience, hiring professional movers is the logical choice. They have the experience and know-how to get your belongings shipped to wherever you need it to go.

But what about your vehicles?

Interstate moving companies will help you move

Whether you use interstate moving companies to send your stuff to your new destination, or pack up the U-Haul to do it yourself, transporting your car could be the best option for getting your vehicle where you need it to be.

If you’re driving a moving van yourself, the last thing you’ll want to be doing is hauling your car behind you. Many folks don’t have a lot of experience driving vehicles that large, and hauling a trailer or vehicle behind it will only add to the difficulty and headache you’ll have to deal with.

Why not make your life and move a whole lot easier by finding out the cost to ship a car across country and hiring a car transport service to handle that for you?

A car transport service will move your car

It’s not uncommon for people to hire movers to help them relocate. While they’re professional movers and are experienced with residential moves, they may be less experienced when it comes to car hauling.

Shipping cars, on the other hand, is all auto transport companies do. A reputable auto transporter will have the knowledge and know-how to get your car to wherever you need it to be safely and quickly.

Our advice is to get online and research car transporters. Get quotes from as many companies as you wish.

Look into what kind of company you want to ship your car, an auto hauler or an auto broker. And check out the company’s reputation and safety record.

Reasons for hiring interstate moving companies when you need to ship a car

The same holds true when it comes to auto transport companies. There are a number of reasons you may require interstate car transport.

If you’re moving, instead of undertaking the long distance drive yourself, hiring professional car movers to get your vehicle to your new destination makes sense.

If you’ve bought a car online from a person or dealership in another state, a car transporter is the way to go to get your new vehicle delivered to your door. Or if you’re sending your kid to college, shipping their car may be the better option than letting them drive it cross-country themselves.

Whatever your reason for needing a car transport service, J&S Transportation has the experience and resources to get your vehicle delivered safely, quickly and in a timely manner.

Moving? We can coordinate with your interstate movers to have your vehicle delivered when your belongings arrive. Bought a car in another state? We can make the arrangements with the seller to get your car to you quickly.

Sending your child to college in another state? We can help coordinate the auto transport so the vehicle is there when your student gets to their college.

auto haulers

About working with J&S: your vehicle is in good hands

At J&S Transportation we offer the best of both worlds. We’re primarily an auto transporter, but we’re also a licensed broker which allows us the flexibility to meet your particular auto transport needs. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and honest, straightforward communication.

If you have questions, we’ll tell you what we’re able to do, not what we think you want to hear.

In our experience honestly dealing with our customers is what sets us apart from the rest of the car transport companies out there. Our customers tend to agree. Check out some of their reviews of our service on our site or visit transportreviews.com to see what past clients have to say about J&S.

J&S has been delivering vehicles for over 15 years. We have our own fleet of trucks to move your car, but if we can get it to you quicker by brokering it to a partner business, we’ll do that so you get your car sooner.

We have the know-how and flexibility to meet whatever auto transport challenge may arise.

But don’t take our word for it: Check out our rating with the Better Business Bureau. Check out our safety and on-time record with the FMCSA.

Most importantly, see what other customers who’ve used J&S to ship a car have to say about our service on customer review sites like transportrankings.com and reviewcentre.com.

When you book your auto transport order with J&S we guarantee honest communication & prompt replies. You will get an on-call phone number and an email address for one of the dispatchers so you have a personal contact. You will be emailed or called to update the status of your order.

You will know what’s going on throughout the transport of your vehicle from pickup to delivery. Click Get Instant Quote above to book your order with J&S and see how easy auto transport can be. 

We feel that once you’ve done some research on auto transport companies, you’ll end up using J&S Transportation for your vehicle hauling needs.